„ Andrelli ” /János György Pap/ artist





           I graduated from the Hungarian University of Art and Design in Budapest as a product designer.

           I worked in the design field and created constantly within fine art at the same time until the ’90s.

Major exhibitions:

Individual: 1985 Józsefvárosi Gallery, Budapest

Group: 1985 Hilton Budapest, Vigadó Gallery, Ernst Museum

Individual: 1996 Kempinski Gallery, Budapest

Individual: 1999 Contact Point Hungary, Brussels

Group: 2000, 2001 ARTIX Gallery, Budapest

Individual: 2002 Lineart Gallery, Budapest

Group: 2003 EU exhibition, Athens

Group: 2004 EU exhibition, Vienna

Group: 2005 Újlipótvárosi Gallery with Society of Hungarian Painters, Budapest

Individual: 2005 Kis Képtár Buda castle, Budapest

Group: 2006 VAM Design Gallery, Budapest

Group: 2007 Rodin Gallery, Szentendre

Group: 2007 National Portrait Biennale, Hatvan   

Group: 2008 Rodin Gallery, Szentendre

Group: 2009 Tűzraktér Gallery, Budapest

Group: 2011 „Cres” Croatia

Group: 2012 Lakástárlat, Szentendre

Group: 2013 Lakástárlat, Szentendre

Group: 2015 Art Mill, Szentendre

Group: 2016 Lakástárlat, Szentendre

Group: 2017 City Hall, Szentendre

Individual:2020 P’Art Gallery Szentendre

Prize: 2004 First Prize of National Still Life Biennale, Pécs


„His colourful picture-world is built on moods and emotions, with major emphasis on the contact between soul and nature, with messages from soul to soul.”   

 /Dr György Kéri 1996/